Special Event 1: Sky Banquet



The main banquet of BICA*AI 2023 will take place in the evening on October 14 at Ningbo Wealth Center in the Sky Secret restaurant, located on the 33rd floor. It is almost the top of the "Corn Building" shown in the background image. Address: Yin Zhou Qu, Ning Bo Shi, Zhe Jiang Sheng, China 315041.

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Seats are limited. Advance registration is open to registered participants only and can be made by a symbolic copayment of $15+tax via Eventbrite (the button below). Payments are non-refundable, regardless of circumstances. Please pay only if you are registered for BICA*AI 2023, will be present offline in Ningbo during the event, and definitely intended to come.


To reserve your seat, click on the button (after turning on VPN if necessary), then go to Get tickets —> Special Event: Sky Banquet —> "+" —> Check out, and follow the instructions. Do not forget to email your ticket to Alexei.Samsonovich@gmail.com and LiuTingting@nbu.edu.cn

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The menu will include wagyu tomahawk steak, red wine, rice, noodle, seafood platters and some other dishes. A violine solo is a part of the arrangements.

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The Sky Secret restaurant is located on the 33rd floor. The official building name is Ningbo Wealth Center. As a landmark of Ningbo City, it has a nickname of Corn Building because of its figure. This 188-meter-high "Corn" is the largest and highest building in the Sanjiangkou building complex of Ningbo City at present.

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We expect that our Sky Banquet will provide the best chance at this meeting to discuss future plans and collaborations, including the ideas where to host next year’s BICA. We hope to see you there!

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